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St Michael’s Mount

Posted on 8 May 2014 by

St Michael’s Mount has been on my list of places to visit for some time now, so when I found about a holiday cottage located in Marazion, just across from the Mount, it seemed like a good opportunity. St Michael’s Mount is a beautiful and unique part of the English landscape and it was great to get the opportunity to spend some time photographing it.

St Michael’s Mount is a small tidal island located in Mounts bay off Marazion, on the south coast of the western tip of Cornwall, a few miles from Penzance. At high tide it is accessible only by boat, hovering tantalisingly off the coast. At low tide however a cobbled causeway is revealed allowing visitors – and residents – to walk across to the island. The island, managed in partnership between the St Aubyn Estate and the National Trust, is dominated by a castle, the official residence of Lord St Levan. The island is also home to around 30 other people, many of whom work on the estate.

St Michael’s Mount is an iconic and well-photographed location. Often when you visit a location like this to photograph it you can be frustrated by the multiplicity of conditions and viewpoints, since you can only be in one place at once. There are so many great spots in Marazion from which to view St Michael’s Mount, from the kelp-strewn beach to jetties that are revealed by the retreating tide. As I was here for a few days I was lucky to have the opportunity to return time and again, trying new locations and picking new details to work into my compositions. I wasn’t so lucky with the weather as conditions were generally cloudy and fairly dull, but you can’t have everything!

Here are my favourite shots from the visit.

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