About Martin Dixon Photography

An introduction...

Martin Dixon is a photographer based in Southampton, Hampshire, who specialises in fine art landscape and natural event photography.

"Photography has played a part in my life for as long as I can remember. Following a career in university management, in 2012 I took the decision to concentrate fully on photography and it means a lot to me to be able to pursue my passion professionally. I am inspired by the natural world and enjoy the challenge of capturing the essence of what I see before me into a single image. I love that wherever I go there is always something new to see and that even in locations I return to often, the scene is always different.

"For the last ten years I have built on and developed my skills, exploring new techniques and different areas of photography. I have always been a great observer and this translates into a natural, journalistic style of photography, unobtrusive and with a good eye for detail, that lends itself perfectly to capturing and documenting events. While landscapes and events are what I spend most of my time on at present, I'm always looking to challenge myself and stretch my horizons further."

Martin Dixon
Martin lives in Southampton with two reassuringly stupid cats.